Wednesday, August 30, 2006

E-mail Address


I often get e-mails through my website. However, I sometimes can not reply to the addresses you told me; especially, Hotmail. If you sent message to me, and have not gotten any response, please let me know another contact information or by using this blog. To those who do not get reply from me, please do not think I am mean...

My summer


It has been while since I last updated this diary. I assum everybody may be tired of me not updating this. Whenever I feel busy, I can not do other things. Please think of me being very busy, when I am not updating this :)
I have experienced many wonderful things during this summer. I will attach some pictures from ZMF (Zeltsman Marimba Festival) and Fukui Marimba Seminar which was held in Japan. When I get chance, I will write about it.