Thursday, March 16, 2006



I chose the last piece of my upcoming recital by listening to the a pre-recorded piece. However, when I got the score, I noticed it contains many improvisations. I was a little upset, since I have never tried improvisations seriously. Therefore, for the past month I have been trying very hard. It is a surprise to me that the improvisation turns out to very exciting. I have never done this in a performance、so I am a little worried about it, but at the same time excited about what I am going to play. If I feel good about doing improvisation, perhaps next step I should try compostion???

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Anonymous said...

リサイタルお疲れ様でした!聴きに行きたかったです・・・。最近はバイト探しでせかせかしています。ZMFやらコンクールやら楽しそうなイベントがたくさんある今年ですが、今は我慢です・・・ちなみに今年のスローガンは「THE 忍耐」です。そして明後日はそば屋の面接です。