Sunday, January 07, 2007

Together (北京のバイオリン)







Happy New Year!! How was your new year? Did you go out to see fire works? I hope you had wonderful holidays.
I had a gig in the new year eve until late, but I was able to see fire works from my neighborhood (it is on a little higher attitude than Boston, so I can see a view of Boston from here). I ate nice foods, too.

Anyway, now I talk about the title of this diary.

Today, I watched the movie called "Together." It is a chinese movie talking about a violin prodigy and his father. I was very moved by this movie. Maybe because I am in this classical music world, but I think it is a nice movie. The actors played well, and it has a nice story. If you are looking for a DVD movie to watch, I would recommend this one!

My story is getting everywhere, but it was nearly 70 degree today. I hope something bad won't happen to this world. I like warm weather, but having this weather in January does not seem right and makes me scared...
Anyway, I hope this year will be a good year for everybody.

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